Hydrogen Water & Ionized Water

There are hundreds and thousands of articles and testimonials, which show the healing benefits of ionized water and hydrogen water. The main ingredient in hydrogen water is free-hydrogen (molecular hydrogen). Free-hydrogen is a unique molecule of two hydrogen atoms, bonded together, but not to any other elements. When in a free state, hydrogen is healing to the body, as it attacks free-radicals & neutralizes them. In this way, the body can be healed naturally with free-hydrogen antioxidants. You can only get free-hydrogen in hydrogen-water, ionized water or hydrogen gas. Regular water contains no free-hydrogen antioxidants. Out of containment, free-hydrogen will evaporate fairly quickly, so it's best to drink it fresh and if you store it, store it properly.

Hydrogen water is known to both protect and heal the kidneys, heart, liver, stomach, intestines, skin, brain, lungs, eyes and pretty much every part of the body. [See the over 100 peer-reviewed articles, categorized by organ, below.] 

The best way to consume free-hydrogen is in water.

It has been demonstrated that drinking hydrogen-water is more beneficial to the body than inhaling hydrogen-gas, probably because as a gas it evaporates more quickly. The benefits of hydrogen water or ionized water (either one) will go on giving (fighting free-radicals) for days. Whereas these benefits are seen to last only hours with hydrogen gas inhaling. (However the studies about this show that both methods are effective and therapeutic.)

The most widely used and possibly the most therapeutic form of free-hydrogen is in ionized water. Ionized water is a form of hydrogen water that is produced by a water ionizer, which splits the water in two streams, alkaline and acidic. The alkaline water is packed with free hydrogen and so is therapeutic for that reason as well as the fact of being an alkaline pH. Read more about the benefits of ionized water. Hydrogen water, which is not split like this, is gaining in popularity, especially since the advent of a new SPE/PEM membrane (developed by DuPont), which safely produces hydrogen in water for a fairly reasonable price.

What is the Difference Between Hydrogen Water and Regular Water?

Regular water should not be confused with hydrogen water. It has hydrogen in it of course, H2O, but the hydrogen in regular water is not free and cannot fight free-radicals. 

The links to hydrogen studies on this page show a wide variety of positive effects that hydrogen water, ionized water and free-hydrogen by itself (as a gas) have on the body. As you can see by all the studies on this page, hydrogen water has been thoroughly studied for its effects on diseases. 

The terrific therapeutic benefits of water ionizers (ionized water), hydrogen water machines (hydrogen water) and hydrogen gas machines (hydrogen gas) have been demonstrated in hydrogen research studies, like these, thousands of times. These studies are a fraction of what has been done to prove the healing benefits of hydrogen water. More hydrogen water and ionized water research is being conducted every day. See for yourself the enormous and growing proof that alkaline ionized water and hydrogen water can significantly help the body by reading some of the articles linked.

I have personally experienced the benefits of hydrogen water thousands of times over. See my testimonial.


Molecular Hydrogen is known by many prominent researchers world-wide for its ability to truly penetrate through cell membranes (even the blood-brain barrier) and scavenge free radicals. This is why every time I drink ionized water or hydrogen water I almost instantly feel increased brain clarity. There is truly nothing else like this.

One reason Hydrogen is not like any other antioxidant is due to its tiny size. Hydrogen is also lipid soluble, which is important, because lipid solubility is necessary for entering into cells through the cell membranes. So, Hydrogen (unlike any other antioxidant) can get into every living part of the body. All other antioxidants are incapable of this feat. Another thing that makes it different from all other free-radical scavengers is that it simply evaporates or turns into water when it's "used up", so it creates no danger of becoming a free-radical itself as other antioxidants do.